Wayne Himelsein Sells Nvidia, Buys AMD and Keeps Netflix - For the Past 3 Years, Wayne Himelsein Out

In 2017, Nvidia gained 74% contributing to Wayne Himelsein's Logica Focus Fund’s 51% composite return last year. But Wayne’s algorithm now says AMD is more attractive. The algorithm doesn’t always sell big gainers. Netflix, which gained 53% last year is still in the portfolio. The key to Wayne’s success is to make these difficult decisions without emotion. Wayne Himelsein earns a star for generating a 51% composite return for our clients last year. Shutterstock [endif]--One of the most difficult things investors have to learn is how to control their emotions. When a stock gains 74% in a year, there are 2 kinds of emotional responses that can trip you up. First, there are those who won’t sell

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