How A Top Manager Views Tesla, Mastercard And Twitter Shares

Last week on Friday, one of my best managers, Wayne Himelsein, explained why he passed on AMD at $10 back in April, but was happy to buy it at $16 in June. Since then, AMD jumped 23% in just five trading days proving Wayne’s point that the best investments are the ones the rise quickly after you make the purchase even if you didn’t buy at the low. Just as the best poker players win by reading other player’s “tells,” Wayne evaluates the market’s “tells” to determine when to be aggressive and when to hang back. Here’s what he thinks about Tesla, Mastercard and Twitter. Ken Kam: Wayne, thank you for bringing AMD to our attention last week Friday. I’ve heard from many investors who after readin

Upside Down

Upside Down - Is there any upside to the downside? "Education is a refuge in adversity" ~ Aristotle About five years ago, I had a relatively bad cycling accident, where an elderly driver made a wider-than-they-should’ve turn into a parking lot, leaving me nowhere to go but straight into (and onto, and over) their vehicle. The moment my body slammed into the ground I could sense the damage that had been done, and over the next many months, I lived through excessive back pain. As part of my healing, I started physical therapy on a regular basis, and as the sessions advanced, I learned more and more about strengthening key muscles and protecting my back from further harm. Today, years later, my

How A Top Fund Manager Bought Advanced Micro Devices Right Before It Jumped

Advanced Micro Devices closed just under $10 at the end of November, 2007. This was the high-water mark for the next 9 years. In 2017, AMD finally broke through $10 to trade as high as $13 before falling back under $10 in April 2018. On the next upswing, many quants, momentum investors, and swing traders sold when the stock ran up to $13 expecting that it would quickly fall back to $10 again. But one of my best managers, Wayne Himelsein bought AMD in June at $16 and is up about 20% in just a couple of months. Here's why AMD at $16 was a better investment in June than at $10 in April. Ken Kam: Wayne, you paid $16 in June when you could have bought in April for under $10. Do you consider that

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