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Time's Up - Time Is the Greater Evil "Time is the longest distance between two places" ~ Tennessee Williams When I was a little boy, I remember the excitement in the room the day my father brought home our first stereo. There was this silver box, with knobs and numbers on it, about 18 inches square, and about six inches tall, that sat alone on the dresser looking ever so interesting. When my father turned it on, a backlit glow woke it up, and we all looked around with wonder as the sweet sound of music permeated the room. I walked up to the machine and turned the knob, and something changed -- the music went from soft and melodic to upbeat with thumps. For some time, we all just listened; a

Trading AMD For Take-Two Is Starting Out Brilliantly For Top Manager

Great managers often make their best trades when the market hits an air pocket. Two weeks ago, Wayne Himelsein, one of my managers, told us he sold AMD. Last week he invested the proceeds in Take-Two Interactive. Even in the midst of a turbulent market, this trade is starting out brilliantly. Ken Kam: Wayne, AMD is down almost 17% since you sold it. Take-Two is down about 1% since you bought it. There is no question that selling AMD two weeks ago was a good call. But given the market's downturn, was this a good time to buy an aggressive stock like Take-Two? Wayne Himelsein: After watching a few days of carnage in the markets, I am thoroughly excited by the impressive behavior of TTWO, genera

Top Manager Sells AMD, Buys Take-Two Interactive

Last week, Wayne Himelsein, one of my managers, told us he sold AMD (in which he nearly doubled his money), to buy Align Technology, Broadridge Financial, Illumina, or Take-Two Interactive. AMD fell 13%, so selling was a good call. Now after completing his research, Wayne says Take-Two is the one to buy. Ken Kam: All four stocks you said you were evaluating to buy were down this week. AMD did worse than any of them, so it was in fact a good idea to sell. But could you not have directed us to a winner? Wayne Himelsein: If you only knew what I would give to be that accurate all the time! But, that’s close to impossible. The market had some rough days last week, Even when you are in the best st

After AMD Nearly Doubled This Quarter, Top Manager Takes Profits

Last month, Wayne Himelsein, one of my managers, told us why AMD was a better investment when he bought it at $16 in June than it was at $10 in April. Boy was he right. The stock has nearly doubled since he bought it. With AMD now over $30, is it still a buy? Ken Kam: When a stock doubles quickly, many shareholders feel like they won the lottery, but they also fear that the stock could just as quickly come back down. Wayne Himelsein: Quite simply, it does not matter as much where the stock has come from, versus where it’s going. If during a big move up a stock reveals even greater signs of strength, then in fact, it’s an even better buy at the higher price. This was the case when we bought A

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