• Seeks significant capital appreciation through a concentrated, high conviction, high Active Share portfolio of S&P 500 stocks.


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  • Systematically evaluate stock prices and volumes across many time frames

  • S&P 500 stocks are ranked 1-500 based on behavioral/mathematical indicators

  • Portfolio consists of 10 equally weighted positions

  • Rotated and rebalanced monthly, annual turnover ~300%

  • Benchmarks: S&P 500 index; S&P 500 equal-weight index


  • The portfolio trades US Equities in the S&P 500 Index.

Why Concentrade/High Conviction? Why Behavioral Indicators?

We believe behavioral indicators and supply/demand metrics offer the most consistent, long-term outperformance. Behavioral finance represents the wisdom of the crowd. Whether one fundamentally agrees, or disagrees, with the crowd’s opinion, is less relevant. What is relevant is that crowd behavior moves stocks as stock prices are set by the daily battle between buyers and sellers. LFF utilizes mathematics to measure the behavioral eagerness. This generates a predictive signal with which LFF ranks all S+P 500 stocks to form a portfolio of the top 10 rated stocks displaying the highest probability of outperforming the market over the near term.

We express our views in the form of highly concentrated, high conviction trades. We do not believe in diluting our portfolio just for the sake of diluting, lowering variance, lowering beta, etc…We seek to outperform our benchmark by way of 3 metrics:

  1. Annualized Return

    • Straightforward. We seek to make more money than a passive investor would in an index over the course of time

  2. Beta of 1 vs. benchmark

    • We seek to achieve #1 above while keeping a beta of ~1 vs. our benchmark

  3. Max Drawdown / Annualized Volatility

    • We seek to achieve both objectives above while keeping draw downs in line with portfolio realized, and expected, volatility.


Over long periods of stock market history, only the top 4-5% of all stocks account for all of the wealth created in the S+P 500. LFF’s process seeks to identify these high performing stocks while avoiding the worst stocks in the index—2 ways of outperforming. Since a large % of funds have not beaten their benchmarks, LFF is an option for investors that seek a premium return over passive investing or are seeking a High Alpha supplement to their existing public equity allocation.


For Performance/Fact Sheet and presentation material, please contact us.

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