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Navigating Market Volatility - The Derivative by RCM Alternatives


In this episode, we’re joined by a powerhouse group of volatility experts consisting of Kevin Davitt, Wayne Himelsein, Jason Buck, and Bastian Bolesta – moderated by our very own Jeff Malec discussing Navigating Market Volatility. Providing more than just witty banter, you’ll be listening to us talk about how crazy volatility was during March/April, why the VIX is more than just for tail risk, is it too late for long volatility protection, why straddles & strangles, what everyone gets wrong about options, and the volatility landscape looking ahead.


Our guests: • Kevin Davitt  • Bastian Bolesta • Jason Buck  • Wayne Himelsein


Backward Plunge - Time is Money: A Podcast with Peter Warren


This is episode 200 (!) of Time is Money. This episode is first about how to calm down and control your emotions, then about the market with a focus on interest rates, a fun debate about deposits and what happens when you get rich, Argentum and some more rants.

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Logica's Wayne Himelsein - Preparing for the Return of Market Volatility


Wayne Himelsein explains why he believes that markets are not prepared for a likely “phase shift” from a low volatility world to one where volatility is dramatically more pronounced for an extended period of time.

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