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Volatility Arbitrage

  • Objective: Seeks to take advantage of significant moves in the broad equity markets through exclusively positive/long gamma options exposure
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Tail Risk

  • Objective: Seeks to provide protection during broad market and certain factor stresses without the typical burden of large carry/theta bleed.

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Equities Trading

  • Objective: Seeks significant capital appreciation through a concentrated, high conviction, high Active Share portfolio of S&P 500 stocks.

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Accelerated Trading

  • Objective: Seeks capital appreciation through dynamic exposure to Index ETFs. Trades daily.

Customization & Consulting

  • Logica offers two options in addition to our existing strategies listed above:

    • Customizing portfolios with variants of Logica’s current strategies or utilizing specific Logica strategy components to suit investor objectives

    • Consulting with clients on their portfolio construction using our TERA (Tactical Exposure Risk Allocation)

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